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Page Count vs Word Count in Fiction Books

During several book signings, one question frequently asked of me has been, “How many pages is the book?” I always explain that the novel is over 90,000 words. The person’s expression, tells me that I might as well have been speaking a foreign language.

I have no idea why the publishing industry has not educated the reading public that word count determines the length of a novel and not the number of pages, and that  a 70,000-word book can have more printed pages than a 90,000-word novel.

There are several reasons for this that are useful to the publisher:

  • Font style and size: A font style and size will either increase or decrease the number of characters per page. Times New Roman font delivers fewer characters per page than Garamond. The industry standard for size is from 10 point to 13 point, with 11 point being the average.
  • Margins: The size of the margins and space allowed for the gutter (margin at spine) can manipulate the page count.
  • Space between lines affects the number of characters on a page.
  • Depth of drop on chapter title page: This is another tool to increase the page count, or in the case of a fatter book, to decrease the number of pages.
  • Trim size: That is the finished size of the book. Obviously, the larger the book, the more words that will fit into it. Often, publishers will use a larger trim size to accommodate the large print editions for those readers seeking a more comfortable font size.

Publishers have various reasons to manipulate the final page count. If the work is a bit lean in a traditional mass market size of 5 x 8 inches, then a larger font size, larger margins, etc will give the appearance of length and therefore value for the price.

If the book is meaty in length, that would necessitate the use of a smaller font size, more narrow margins, shallow drop on each chapter title page, slightly larger trim size, etc. Publishers want to make a profit on each book sold. Manipulating formats for a particularly long book allows for fewer pages, and thus lower production costs.

I’m not suggesting that word count determines the worth of a book in literary terms. The worth of a book lies with the reader, whether it is a novella or a tome. I just wanted to shine some insight onto  why page count is not a valid ruler to novel length.




Larry held her tighly on the stage as they danced. His heart pounded while he kissed Taylor for what seemed a long moment.She pulled back. A devilish glint colored her expression.

She kissed his neck and whispered, “You can’t have me. I’m married.”

Her words burned his ears and brought him back to cold reality. His throat tightened. Larry wanted her now more than ever. Crossing that line could ruin his career. Still…




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5 Stars!! First review for Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen — Trish Jackson Reviewer


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review – Passion in the Kitchen by Cynthia Ainsworthe

Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen is a cookbook with a difference, guaranteed to bring an extra spark into your relationship!

The author is an accomplished cook who specializes in French cuisine, and she is also an award-winning writer of a suspenseful and passionate romance novel, Front Row Center, which is currently being adapted into a screenplay.

The recipes are all tried and tested by the author, and are not too complex for the average home cook. The categories include ‘Appeteasers’, ‘Warm up Foreplay’ and ‘Between the Sheets’. Each recipe includes a mouth-watering illustration, and all have suggestive names like ‘Smooth Caresses’, ‘Sublime Joinings’, ‘Love Wand of Ecstasy’ and ‘Sweet and Lustful’.Interspersed with photos of food is a generous serving of pictures of delectably hot men.But that’s not all… Every recipe ends with a “Cooking Break” – lines of flirtation taken from the novel, Front Row Center.

Example: ‘Cooking break!
That’s all right,” she replied softly. “You want some of my …” she opened her palm, “… nuts?”
He blew out a ragged breath.’

If you are looking for something to spice up your life, look no further.

I received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Front Row Center’s PASSION IN THE KITCHEN ~~ Released Oct 19, 2014 !! Great gift !!

Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen


Authored by Cynthia B. Ainsworthe

List Price: $13.99
8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Full Color on White paper
74 pages
Words and Passion Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0980245950
ISBN-10: 0980245958
BISAC: Cooking / General

Discover the passion for not only cooking, but for enriching the joie de vivre! Recipes that create delicious entertaining and romantic conclusions. Whether cooking for two or more, these easy dishes will enhance any occasion and can turn an ordinary eating experience into a memorable event. 

Intermingled between luscious pictures of recipes, are gorgeous photos of men to spice the cook’s creative energy. A romantic story thread begins after the first recipe and concludes following the last menu suggestion of cheese and wine.
Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen is a unique addition to any cooks collection and is the go-to book when desiring originality with a flare. 

Winner of multiple literary awards, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe delivers more than tasty meals.